100k Training

So the last 3 weeks have flown by as usual and my promise to blog weekly has fallen down a big black hole, so I think I may have to commit to two a month….but dont hold me to that. 

Since Beat The Sun I have been knuckling down to some serious training for the IAU World 100ks, which is now only 8 weeks away (pulls scary face). I was glad to return from the french alps unscathed but also fully aware I needed to get my arse in gear if I was going to make the team in September. There has been the small matter of finding a race to prove fitness to the UKA selectors before the 1st August. This has been easier said than done, as its been impossible to find a road 50k in the UK suitable. This time of year there only seems to be trail ultras or shorter road races. So with a bit of persuading I have managed to set up a measured time trial in Bath next week, although much more convenient for me, its going to be a lonely old slog on the cycle path so I am hoping to persuede some of my speedier friends to join me for some of it, with the proviso I buy them a beer after (just the one obviously). Once this is nailed and got out the way, I have a few races that I will use as time trials before the 100k. 

This last week went particularly well, confirming that the last months training is starting to see rewards. I ended the 110 mile week with two 20 mile runs (sat and sun) at faster than race pace. These both went really well and the HR data was much better than I had hoped at this stage. I always do any runs under 3 hrs without any fuel so that I am utilising fat reserves, however I did take on water and S caps as the humidity was high and I was sweating alot. I am still fully aware that the EBV virus could rear its ugly head if I dont recover enough or push on when I am feeling low. So recovering after these runs is key, something I am having to juggle with work. My new work station is often a sofa and I actually managed to massage a client last week whilst sitting down…….(dont ask). As soon as I get in from these long sessions I take in a pint of whole milk within 10 mins and water/electros. After a shower I will most likely have my good old favourite of eggs, toast, avocado and tomato with a large coffee. Sleep is also key for me. If I dont get my 8hrs I feel horrendous, I dont have time for naps in the day so its really important to get good quality sleep everynight. May be its an age thing but gone are the days when I sleep solidly through the night, so I try and get to bed at a reasonable time. I also find a hot drink or a glass of milk helps too.