2016 Fall in Love with Running

The last 12 months havnt exactly been my finest what with the EB virus the first part of the year and then lots of silly little injuries I inflicted on myself because I was too impatient to get back racing. Then getting pneumonia 2 weeks before the world 100k champs resulting in a DNF (no big suprise and in hindsight I know I shouldn’t have attempted such a challenge). I won’t lie, more than a handful of times I thought about jacking it all in and binning my competitive career but I am glad I didn’t….one by one my sessions have improved and that little glimmer of hope trickled back into my mind. I was beginning to think that maybe I was just getting to old for all this.

I ended the year with the rather blustery Endurance Life Dorset Ultra…..whilst the apocalyptic weather put paid to a fast time I was happy to come away with a win and the chance to hangout with the Way’s for the weekend. After the initial shock of running such a long way, my legs seemed to come out of the race with a whole new spring in their step. Since then sessions have showed a continued upward curve and as a result helped me regain some confidence in my abilities once again.

So as 2016 begins I hope this year is considerably better than the last one. I have a few race targets, most specifically I hope to return to the roads this spring and pop out a marathon just to see if there is still a marathon runner somewhere inside? I am super excited to be going to the Lavaredo Ultra Trail race in the Dolomites, this is going to be a huge test for me , 119k with 5,850ms of ascent. It also starts at 11pm so I will have to start practicing running throught the night. I have also entered the CCC in Chamonix in August so I will just have to wait and see to find out if I have got through the lottery. I havnt really thought any further ahead as I think these races are enough for me to think about and the moment.

I wish you all a happy and healthy 2016 and wherever your running takes you this year do it with a smile


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