Salisbury Trail 50k & Windsor Trail Ultra 

Soooo the good news is I have finally confirmed my fitness for the IAU World 100k. Ive taken my time and strung it out a bit…what with my calf niggles and work commitments getting in the way, but last week I returned to the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50k trail race and managed to squeak a CR and second place behind that pesky Steve Way.

Granted, I was only 1 min quicker than last year, but in my defence it was hotter and I royally screwed up my fuelling plan. School boy error I hear you all cry, but I wanted to try out a new gel/liquid shot I had paid over the odds for after reading about all the U.S ultra runners raving on about it. To cut a long story short, the over priced liquid shots really didn’t agree with me and i spent the second half regurgitating it and crouching behind trees…….nice picture huh? 
So I did the whole 3hrs 42 pretty much empty so I was just pleased to see the finish line and job done (excuse the pun!). It was also great to meet up with my old mucker Sir Steve Way and his long suffering wife/running widow Sarah. Steve smashed his course record and looked really good as he crossed the finish line (apparently…i was probably taking a crap somewhere). 
We finished off the day with an ice cream and a pint of shandy at the local accompanied by the hounds. A good day all in all.

I recovered reasonably well with a few easy runs Monday and Tuesday and managed a longer session on Wednesday. I didn’t want to kill myself this week as I knew I had to get my longest run in this weekend and with the year I have had, I knew anything could happen. So yesterday I got up super early to travel to Marlow to run the Windsor Ultra Trail race. I had found this by chance on line as I was keen on finding a long race where I could have some company, change of scenery and practice another nutrition strategy, the Thames Challenge didn’t disappoint. The challenge is split into four stages, over a four day period. Within the stages are three unique races in their own right – The Cotswold Ultra, The Windsor Ultra and the Richmond Ultra. I chose the Windsor Ultra as it was a fairly easy self navigating 44 miles route from Marlow to Teddington along the Thames path. Even I thought I could manage to not get lost as all I had to do was follow the Thames eastwards until I arrived at Teddington lock. Apart from one little detour where I went the wrong way over a bridge which added on about a mile max, the route was relatively easy to follow and we also had comprehensive maps and written directions to follow. Ultra Running Ltd put on a great low key race, 3 really good CPs, well stocked with gels, water and biscuits/sweets etc and hot shower and food at the finish. I ran with my pack so I could trial another new fuel (i know, I know….) and carry all the mandatory items (always makes me chuckle when i have to carry a head torch with spare batteries for a race that starts at 8am…). The race was purely to be used as a training run and thats exactly what it was, as it turned out I ran about 90% on my own but it was just nice to run somewhere different and enjoy the views. I prefer running point to point courses as I feel like I am getting somewhere and there is an end in sight. 

I finished the day with a new mens and womens course record and some more tan lines to add to last Sundays, and just incase you are wondering…….no regurgitating and only one poo stop this time. Result……

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3 thoughts on “Salisbury Trail 50k & Windsor Trail Ultra 

  1. Fantastic run by Holly at The Windsor Ultra. We immediately warmed to her as a true professional and a thoroughly nice person. Ultra Running Ltd will definately be following her escapades with interest and hope she enjoys and has success at the World Championships.


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