Day 3 Beat The Sun

Managed to get a good nights sleep last night which was a relief…..didn’t actually wake up until 8.30 which is late for me. Munched down a couple of croissants and then headed for the vans to take us to Les Houches (a few k up,the valley) where we were going to be running from. It had peed it down all night so I was glad I had my Fuji Racers as the going was a little slippy but the sun had come out to play for out film shot in the forest. We split into our teams and headed out on a 1k undulating loop in the forest where we were filmed one by one by SunSet and Vine (these guys are making another one hour film about our challenge). This involved leaping over streams, throwing ourselves down technical descents and generally looking super happy to running in the Alps… hardship there as we were having a whale of a time. There was lots of team bravado and banter going on between the groups but all in a good way. After a good hour of running in loops and sweating excessively (it was super humid under the trees) some of the group headed back to the hotel whilst some of us ran another 6k up the valley. We then had the option of turning back round and farleking it back to the vans or just picking up the vans there. Of course I opted for the extra miles and took the time to chat to some of the other team mates I hadn’t properly met yet. The whole morning took a good 2 hours but it was good to be out running as a big group and be able to see the competition…….I was really pleased with how Team Northern Europe looked today, we all worked well together and I think we really have a strong confident team.

After lunch I headed to town to call in at the Asics shop and say hi to the nice ladies I met there last year, every time I visit Chamonix I always call in and they always remember me……which makes me smile. On my way back I spotted my good friends Simon and Julie Freeman ( I say good friends….but with out them I wouldn’t even be here, it was Simon who got me this gig last year and consequently my Asics deal) at a bar enjoying a beer. So I stopped for a while to waffle on about everything that had been going on before I had to rush back for an interview with sunset and vine. 

I also managed to get first dibs with Benoit the terrifying physiotherapist…..I say terrifying because last time I saw him he cracked my back so loudly I came out in a hot sweat. This time I knew what to expect. I have been having sacral pain for the last 10 days and I knew he would be able to sort it. Luckily he worked his magic……..he was tutting at me for being so twisted……it has been really quite uncomfortable these last few days and playing on my mind so I was really pleased he was here to sort me out.

So this evening was super fun……we had the officially opening of the beat the sun event which involved the team captains running into the grounds of a beautiful restaurant ringing a massive cow bell whilst Asics paragliders decended above us. All very comical but we had a good laugh doing it and we got to end the evening schmoozing with all the Press and reporters from all over the world over dinner. 

I know I’ve said this many times but Asics really do put on a good show and they really look after everyone involved making sure you really do have the best time. I am so grateful to be part of the whole challenge and to be an Asics Ambassador. For now though I must get some rest before another busy day tomorrow. Bon nuit …. 



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