Day 2 Beat The Sun

i know I shouldn’t be grumbling but I really need to sleep……I am having such a great time and don’t want to miss out on anything but as a result I am pooped. I needn’t have bothered setting the alarm early……I hardly slept a wink so at 7am I jumped out of bed and headed out for a run with Charlotte my team member from the UK. I really wanted to take her on the run I did yesterday as I knew she would love it and the weather was just beautiful. The trail didn’t disappoint and it was so nice to see Charlotte ooooing and ahhhing the further we climbed. We got back the hotel after just over an hour and headed to breakfast…..again no disappointment there. I think breakfast is my favourite meal and the French spread was super delicious. 

At 10am we had our first team briefing, basically giving us the low down for the rest of the week and the proposed legs we would be doing. We also got given a big dumping of Asics kit….it all felt a bit like Xmas.  The I headed to town for a wander and then a coffe with the rest of my Team Northern Europe. We have Lucas from Germany who is a super speedy 1500m runner now turned marathon runner (2.28) then we have Christian who currently lives on a boat in Greece (I know…I want to marry him….he is single so there may be a chance?) he runs stupidly long races in exotic places then we have Benji and Finn both really good road runners (this will be their first experience of high mountain trails) and finally Charlotte, the youngest runner out of all the teams and the one with the most extraordinary story……I will leave this for later…..

Then we headed to a beautiful little restaurant up the valley for yet more delicious food. It was also a good time to meet more members of the other teams. I sat next to Pete and jamie Jacobs a super fit couple from Australia (u might recognise the name….Pete is a pretty legendary triathlete….he was the youngest guy to win kona….so he’s no slouch). After stuffing my self with grilled meat and rose we headed back to the hotel……I was hoping to put my head down for a bit but within minutes I had a phone call from Robbie Britain ( he’s staying in the valley for a few months in prep for the Mighty UTMB). I had muled a load of Chia charge stuff for him and I really wanted to catch up so I legged it back into town to meet. I spent the next hour speed talking about literally everything……until I realised the time. I had arranged to run with Pete and jamie at 4pm and it was 3.55….oops. I got back in time to squeeze a 35 min run (whilst burping up my lunch the whole way…pleasant) before another team captain meeting. This was the time to finalise who was was doing which leg of the relay and talk through the logistics of the day. I’m not sure if I am lucky or not but I am running legs 4 and 10, lucky because leg 4 is the same as last year……its stunningly beautiful but I also know how brutal the climb is and there is snow on the pass. Leg 10 takes me from Ferret to Champex which again is 16k but not so mountainous. I am looking forward to running in another country and seeing a different part of the course. Although I am fully aware that it will be a very long day for everyone not only running but also driving around the course getting from stage to stage.     

So tonight my belly is full of another delicious meal and I am looking forward to a good nights sleep until it all  starts again tomorrow……



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