IAU 100k World Championships

Exciting things happened last week….firstly I finally got my hands on a coverted Like The Wind baseball cap. This is something I have been dreaming about since I first saw co founders Simon Freeman and his wife Julie sporting them in Chamonix last year. If you’ve not been lucky enough to get your hands on a copy of Like the Wind magazine, then make this your prime objective today. It’s a beautiful magazine full of cool running stories and stunning photos but be warned it will make u want to book a flight somewhere with your running shoes. I love this cap and I can say I havnt done a run without it……

Secondly, I received a phone call whilst I was in Rome last week saying I had been selected to run for Great Britain at the World 100k Championships this year in Winschoten. This came as a great suprise as I knew my current form was less than 100% and withdrawing from the IAU World Trail Champs was not ideal. However, as many of my races last season were within the qualifying standard and with the proviso that I prove fitness by the end of July, I am in the team. The good news is that my training is progressing and it has been such a great relief to just run these last few weeks without any niggles and no illness. This year really has been a struggle and I am hoping I can settle down now and build some form. So I am sitting down with the coach to plan some races and look at how the next 14 weeks will look in prep for the 100k. This will be the furthest I have run before and on Tarmac. Most of my recent races have been on trail and in the mountains so it will be exciting to get some speed back on the flat.

My next adventure in the diary is on the 21st June when I return to Chamonix to try and Beat The Sun as part of the Asics team. I am captain of team Northern Europe, made up of 3 elite athletes and 3 amateur athletes. Between us we will compete against the rest of the world and the sun to circumnavigate Mont Blanc within daylight. Last year we missed it by 33 seconds……it’s going to be super exciting and I can’t wait to be back with all the Asics athletes that I met last year plus meeting all the new ones. Asics really do put on a great trip for us all and the challenge is such a great idea, we just need to go out there and beat the sun and the rest of the world.

If you want to know where u can get your hands on a copy of Like The Wind or any of there products, check out their website for stockists http://www.likethewindmagazine.com



2 thoughts on “IAU 100k World Championships

  1. Hope the training goes well for you. I done two 100km on the road, they’re difficult to stay focused on. 90 % mental 10% in your head!


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