Ok, so sorry i have been rubbish at blogging (had promised myself it would always be weekly but have failed miserably these last 2 months). As many of you will know I tend to go a bit quiet if things are going a bit poo and so far 2015 hasnt been the best….as my old mucker Steve Way has suggested…’shall we just rewind 2015 and start a fresh?’……oh ye if only we could.

Im not going to bang on about injuries and illnesses but since getting over the EB Virus over the winter I have pretty much been playing catch up with my training and fitness….there have been some little glimmers of hope but these have been intersperesed with niggles that have meant I have taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps back. Two weeks ago I raced a trail marathon in the Cotwolds and as well as getting terribly lost, running an extra 5k and finishing the wrong way down the finish tunnel, I managed to tweek my MCL which meant more time off running.

This all culminated in my decision to withdraw from the IAU World Trail Championships this weekend in Annecy, a great pity as I had loved reccing the course last month and obviously pulling on a GB vest doesnt happen very often but I didnt want to compete less than 100% fit and well. My heart was willing but my body was not happy! Luckily the MCL injury didnt hang around for too long (thank you the magical Claire Wheller physio extraordinaire) and within 10 days I was back running. For now its one week at a time, I am thoroughly sick of not being able to run free and that is my number one need! I truly believe running is my anti depressant, with out movement and fresh air daily I feel trapped. I know there has been so much on social media recently about depression and exercise especially amongst some high profile athletes, but it is a topic that more people within our sport need to recognise and talk about.

Good luck to all the Team GB athletes and all my other trail running friends running the IAU champs this weekend, sorry I cant be there enjoying the mountains with you all. 



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