The Joy of Coaching

Well this week has flown past. Lots of good things have happened which has been nice. Most significantly has been my latest meeting with Doc Rogers about the results of my lab test. It seems that I may have just crested the virus mountain and am now hurtling down the other side in time for happy hour. He was super impressed with my powers of recovery and that most of my symptoms have gone. That said I must and will proceed with caution as relapses are common with this type of virus and so therefore I can start increasing the intensity of some of my runs whilst making sure I don’t produce any lactic during any of my sessions (no worry of that!!).
The lab test whet a lot better than expected and the results show that whilst my HRs aren’t quite on track my fitness isn’t too bad. I also managed to stay on the treadmill which i always find a challenge!

I think i mentioned a few weeks back that I had been enjoying running with friends more during this recovery phase. Well I have continued to do just that this week. I coach a handful of marathon newbies and hopefuls and so over the last week I have been taking time out to run with a few of them and help pace some of their key sessions (something I never had time to do). I can honestly say its been a highlight of my week. That warm feeling of accomplishment I see in their faces when they nail a session….something I know too well but its great to be a part of it. At the start of the session there is the normal anxiety about how hard its going to be and the monkey on the shoulder starts jumping up and down being a negative little bugger, but by the last rep they are pumped up to blast out the last mile. It has been a total revelation to me that I would enjoy coaching someone that much. Obviously, things wont always go to plan and there are always highs and lows….thats marathon training, but having a positive mental attitude can make all the difference between an okey session and an epic one.
So this weekend I am taking a good friend and marathon newbie out on his longest run to date. He is terrified and so am I……I don’t want to break him and I don’t want to break myself!
The other positive is that I can feel spring in the air…..lambs are in the field, the daffs are out and hot cross buns are on the shelves. So have a great weekend and if your not running with anyone this weekend, find someone to run with. I can guarantee it will be a better and more enjoyable one than if u were on your tod.


One thought on “The Joy of Coaching

  1. I am looking at training for a marathon this year and race in Vietnam at the end of the year as a goal. There are a couple of races I’m contemplating on. We’ve done a few trail 50Ks, one marathon distance trail race and the Manaslu stage race but never really ran or raced on roads. Danang International Marathon or the likes are on roads and heat is a factor. I’ve been following Joe Friel’s periodization plan and I really like the methodology. I’ve been doing some research on marathon training plans and see how we can incorporate that into our traveling life right now. What quick advise do you have for someone like us (newbies marathoners) to kick start our training? šŸ™‚ Thank you!


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