Lab Rats & Poorly Dogs

Last week turned out to be up and down…..the week started off well with my encouraging blood test results and then a skype call with Dr Rogers about what it all meant and where I go from here. Basically how long is a piece of string?? Although some of my results are good, I still basically have the virus which I will have for a long time but the symptoms are subsiding. So I proceeding with caution and day to day. I am continuing to plough through tonnes of fruit and veg and adding all sorts of powders and potions to my food. However cleaning the juicer everyday is becoming a little tedious (i know I need a nutri-bullet!) and I cant shut my fridge properly without a pile of beetroot rolling out on to the floor. I am missing my several cups of good coffee but the decaf stuff nowadays isn’t too bad (thanks Pact Coffee).
So later today I am heading to the University of Bath to get a treadmill lab test. This will give me an idea of how hard I can work without going over board. I have had lots of tests over the years but I am pretty sure this will be my worst yet! I have been running easy for 6 weeks now with no speed work so I am not expecting anything spectacular but the Doctor suggested I should get a test done so that I don’t over do things when I do start running a bit faster. Hopefully by next week I can test the ‘speed water’?

The down of the week was coming home on Friday to find Mr Mole in a bit of a sorry state…..some of you may have noticed that I am just a little bit fond of my dog and running partner, so seeing him poorly isn’t very nice. I ended up taking him straight to the doggy hospital in Bath as he was behaving very strangely (this has been the second time within the last 4 months). He ended up staying in over night whilst they ran some blood tests and monitored him. Through a process of elimination they think he may have a condition called idiopathic epilepsy, although they cant say for sure because we haven’t seen him have a seizure (this is what we think happened whilst i was at work). For now all i can do is monitor him and if he has an episode again he will need to have some medication. The good thing is he can carry on as normal as it shouldn’t effect his day to day living. However, its all very frightening and just reminds me he wont be here forever…..a thought I struggle to deal with. I really would be lost without him as he pretty much follows me everywhere and pretty much follow him everywhere.

So if you do one thing this week……. give your mutt a hug when you get home and eat plenty of fruit and veg (ok…that might be two things!)


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