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Happy Valentines Day…….there I’ve said it. I don’t agree with the day, its a bit like halloween…..over hyped, where a bunch of flowers has an extra fiver stuck on the price and restaurants are filled with couples sitting opposite each other struggling to know what to say. I will be working today and probably enjoying a swift half at the local tonight…..

Anyway not an awful lot to report this week. I have been doing as I have been told by the Doc….this will be my 5th week of running no more than an hour a day at a max HR of 145/50 and it seems to be doing the trick. Six weeks ago I could barely crawl let alone run at the HR and I felt thoroughly sick but now I am almost back to my proper easy pace. I also had my bloods checked again which came back in the borderline range which is so much better than a month a ago. I will continue with this until the Doc tells me otherwise….then I can start increasing the length of my runs but not intensity just yet. I really do need to be sensible…its a fine line.
I have also become a walking greengrocer…….I cant tell u how much fruit and veg I have been guzzling down. I have been juicing anything I can stick in the juicing machine and blending in all sorts of weird and wonderful potions (they also cost a fortune!!) spirulina, chia seeds, flaxmeal, cherry active concentrate, omega 3 caps blah blah blah. There is also now a beetroot shortage in Wiltshire due to the amount I have been eating. Good job I love them but I do have to remind myself its just the beetroot when I go to the loo and think I have had an anal prolapse! (sorry if you are eating your breakfast?). My fridge is a riot of colour and so is my fruit bowl……I just hope I can keep up this healthiness? I have also cut my caffeine down to one cup of tea and a good coffee a day, the rest is decaf (this really does go against my religion ….) but I am determined to get back to feeling tip top.
I have also been enjoying running with friends (old and new). This week I have run three times with three different friends which has been great…I had forgotten how good it is to just run and talk with no pressure, an hour goes by far quicker when you share it with others. So I will try to do more of this.
So whatever you have planned today, enjoy it and stay healthy!


2 thoughts on “R & R

  1. I’m with you on the whole Valentines being over hyped and I also agree with the running with friends, for me there are always a million reasons why not to go for a run but if I’ve promised to meet someone then come hail, rain or snow, I’ll be there. Hope you get your running legs back soon!

    P.s. Quick question … not sure if you remember me? I was on the Asics 262 bootcamp day, unfortunately didn’t make it through but I’m training hard for the Manchester Marathon, getting quicker, feeling fitter but I’m going away with work to Cape Town, I’m flying on a Saturday Night would you say do my long run on the Sat AM or Sun PM wen I get there? (sorry if this isn’t the right forum for Q&As).

    P.P.s. If Manchester goes well then I might even enter the 2 Oceans 2016 race, it’s been a long term goal … !


    • Hello, so glad training is going well for Manchester (its a great quick course). Good question and I would say its a hard one either way. I think personally I would want to do do the long run on the sat am before you fly but you would have to make sure u recovery properly before boarding i.e eating properly, good cool down, wear compression, take plenty of liquids on board and healthy snack as aircraft food is just stodgy. Also try and walk about at regular intervals on the plane. On the plus side you wont have any jet lag. I think u will feel better to have got the run out of the way. Sitting on a plane with a long run to look forward too may be too daunting when u land, But, u dont want to stiffen up too much post long run on the plane. So i guess the answer is just be cautious not to sit and stiffen up on the plane after running long and boost the immune system as it will be slightly lower. Enjoy SA! and good luck with the marathon


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