Since writing my last blog about things I am going to try to do and not try to do, it got me thinking I should get back to reading more. Before my world got consumed with social media I use to devour books weekly but now I am ashamed to say I have a pile of half finished and not even started books by the side of my bed. So this week I have rediscovered the joys of reading and that great feeling of desperately trying to keep your eyes open just to finish the chapter you are on (the complete opposite of feeling wired after just checking your emails of facebook status for the millionth time before bed).

So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite running books I have on my shelf.

Once A Runner by John L Parker JR
Probably one of the best running books ever written. Published in 1978 it tells the story one many quest to become a champion and captures the essence of what it means to be a competitive runner. Everyone should read this!

The Long Hard Road Part 1 & 2 by Ron Hill
Ron Hills journey from lad to champion. Reading his books just makes you want to get out there and work hard.

Born to Run by Christopher Mc Dougall
Some might say the ultra running bible but all in all a good read

The 50 Greatest Marathon Races of All Time by Will Cockerell
This is a big old hard cover and was a present some years ago, but I absolutely love it. Full of some great stories I was unaware of. One of those books you can dip in and out of when you have some free time.

Running with the Legends by Michael Sandrock
Another present but again totally love this book. Its a whopper but packed full of biographies of some of the greatest running legends in history. Including training techniques, coaching, motivation and perspectives of 21 legends. Great running bible.

Finding Ultra by Rich Roll
I only include this book as this is the one I am reading at the moment and I am flying through it. I heard about this guy on a podcast. He basically transformed himself from sofa slouch to endurance junky and can be found on the cover of many magazines. Again a pretty inspirational book, hard to put down.

These are just a few, there are many more I could mention and plenty more waiting to be read. Please let me know your favourite books as there is still some space to squeeze a few more on to my shelf.


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