Slow Progress

So since coming back from Nepal, nothing much has happened except working my way through hundreds of work emails and trying to get back to some running. The latter has proved to be far more difficult than expected.

Manaslu was always going to be my last running adventure for 2014 (which has turned out to be a busy year of races) and so I knew I would be pretty frazzled by the end of it. I took a week off completely, mainly because we had stayed out in Nepal after the race and by the time we had got back seven days had passed. I do think its important to not only have a physical break at the end of the season but also a mental break. Don’t get me wrong, I love training but training and racing can become a chore after a while and I like to remind myself daily of why I do this……….am I still loving what I do? Sure, the training can be hard sometimes and especially at this time of the year when its cold and dark after work and all you really want to do is curl up by the fire and pour yourself a large glass of wine.
So this last week has been a struggle, my body has not been playing ball and I have been struggling to run at all, so I have decided to be kind to myself and spend more time doing stretching and some yoga to see if this will help my creaking body.
The one conciliation is I don’t have any race targets until next year so this is the best time of the year to back of the training and just tick over. I am fully aware that I have put my body through a lot this year (4 marathons and 5 ultras) and so I need to let my body regenerate but I am a creature of habit and sitting on my arse is not what I enjoy.
I have also been enjoying getting into the christmas spirit. I don’t like to acknowledge christmas before the 1st December so now I am fully into mulled wine and mince pie consumption!


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