Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

Well 3 weeks later and here I am back in blighty moaning about the weather and the amount of emails in my work in box, but at least I have the memories of another awesome trip running the uber mountains of Nepal.

Its hard to put into words how I feel about this wonderful place, its exactly 2 years ago that I hit the enter button for the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race. I had absolutely no experience at all of mountain running, the furthest I had run was 26.2 miles and the very thought of running off road bought me out in a rash, so it really was a baptism of fire. I found the first year incredibly hard, not only because the terrain was very technical but I really struggled with the inability to run fast. The altitude literally took my breath away and so walking became frequent……..15 minute miles just felt so wrong to a road runner. But by the end of it I had been converted……..I was excited to see what the future could hold for me and so my ultra running journey was born.

So returning to the place where it all started was super exciting and I was surprised to find how much easier I found it. Two years of running over distance and venturing into the world of mountain and trail running had paid off and I found the Himalayan trails a delight to run on. I found myself smiling and giggling to myself running the long technical descent from Base Camp as I recalled my first attempt when I hit the decks pretty hard and didn’t really enjoy one bit of it. Oh how things had changed.

I really felt like I could just keep running and running. My plan had be to run/jog/walk with Martin my husband but after day two we made the decision to run at our own pace (although Martin was doing far better than he would like to admit). This meant I had lots of time on my own to reflect on the journey i have been on over the last two years.
The rest of the group were from all over the world and I can honestly say were a delight to be with. Everyone was so positive and encouraging, I really don’t think i have laughed so much and I hope once again that I have made some life long friends.

If anyone is looking for that next adventure and hasn’t been to Nepal, then please consider this race. I promise you will be hooked!

Once again the trip would not have been such a huge success without Rich (the Race Director) and Dhir, without all their planning and organisation we just wouldn’t get to the finish in one piece. Of course a special mention has to go to my great friend Lizzy Hawker who although struggling with injuries this year walked the whole course (super fast, might I add) with a giant smile on her face and poured Khukri Rum down our gullets at the top of the pass.

For now I am taking a rest and contemplating 2015. So many exciting adventures and opportunities to consider.



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