100 miles is not that far…….

Apologies for not blogging last week but if I am totally honest by the time I remembered I had missed my weekly blog it was too late to put pen to paper…..its all been a bit too busy lately.

It feels like the last 2 weeks have flown by (its not like the old days when I was little and the days and weeks seemed to last forever?) and not much excitement has happened. I have managed to become a year older since my last blog and also logged my biggest mileage week ever. All this amongst busy work days and the return of my gamy hamstring. As some of you may know I have been struggling with a hamstring tendinopathy for several years now, however it has been under control for around 18 months (coincidently since I started running trails and ultras) and really hadnt been a problem. This changed 2 weeks ago when I did my first speedy session on the canal. I think my mind was far too willing compared to my body and I think I just tweaked it back into life! So for the last few weeks I have been taping, rolling and talking nicely to it, in a hope it would subdue. This, with no real top end speed work and lots of long hill reps has started to work and although by no means perfect, its getting there.
This last week has involved three long runs with my go too 1 mile hill reps sandwiched in the middle of lots of steady/tempo running. This culminated in todays long run along the beautiful Kennet and Avon canal towpath to just beyond Pewsey. This was around 29 miles, I had hoped for 50k but the unexpected hot weather meant I ran out of water much earlier than I had planed…..sorry to the people who caught me faffing around in their drive looking for a hose pipe!!
Its a beautiful stretch of canal/river especially past Devizes where the path ends and you can run for miles without seeing a soul on lovely grassy trails through the downs. I also prefer to run point to point as I feel like I am actually getting somewhere. Martin picked me up and we headed straight to the brilliantly named Honeystreet cafe for an enormous hog roast roll. I cant tell you how good that tasted! Just totalled the week up to 120 miles…..with 4 weeks to go until I head to France for my next race, the mind is willing lets hope the body is too!


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