7 days of running

I thought some of you may like to see what a week of running looks like for me at the moment. So this was last week, 3 weeks post Ultravasen.


am 50mins easy pace followed by 40mins S&C exercises (I do these at home as I didnt have a car)
pm 50 mins easy along the canal towpath with the hound for company


am 30 mins easy with the hound. Had to go and do grandma duties as my mum was on holiday (she lives about 45 mins away and needs a lot of care)
pm 15 min warm up + strides – 6x1km (90sec jog rec) – 15 mins jog down. Did these on the canal towpath. I was pleasantly surprised with how I felt. I had expected to feel a bit rusty but the body was pretty willing.


am 90 mins easy (7.30s) went out early doors as I had a meeting at 9.30am and I wanted time to shower and eat breakfast when I returned. Turned out to be a beautiful morning…..misty canal path and fields. 20140915-165010-60610139.jpg
pm 45 mins jog with the Running Bath club. Took the hound, he wasn’t amused with city running…..


am 60 mins Tempo pace. I usually do these to HR so I am not pushing too hard or not working hard enough. Again I do these on river paths which are flat.
pm Exactly the same as am. In between I always take thursday afternoons off as I get physio with my good mate and work colleague Claire (AKA magic hands) and then we ALWAYS have coffee and cake.


am 60 mins easy
pm 30 mins + strides


Just 1hr easy with the hound off road.
Saturdays are a busy work day for me and end up spending a lot of time on my feet. So just one run and a dog walk in the evening. Early night!


2hrs 30 just ran to feel.Managed to pick up various people on route who were going my way, good to pass the time and made me run a little quicker than if I had been day dreaming on my own.

Followed this up with breakfast at the Canal Tea Shop opposite my house….in the sun!




2 thoughts on “7 days of running

  1. Really interesting post – I’m jealous of how much mileage your legs can sustain!

    Two questions:
    – what S&C exercises do you do to help keep injury-free?
    – what % Max HR do you target for tempo runs? I usually run tempo to a pace but some days it feels too fast to sustain…


    • Hi Kate. I do a 10 min core circuit just body weight and then I do a mixture of dynamic exercises with dumbells and a dyna band e.g one leg squat, side walks with a band. press ups, over head press, plank. I do normally go to the gym but I only use free weights then. I have also just enrolled in a yoga class! eek

      It depends really I normally work from my marathon race pace ave hr data and then take it from there. They are normally always a mixed pace run, this week was different because I am just getting back into it. So I work above and below my MRP HR


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