T is for Taper

So just 5 days to go until I line up at Ultravasen in Sweden and with the exception of tomorrows final session all the hard work has been done, its just the small matter of running 90kms from Salen to Mora on saturday.
After last sundays 50k I seemed to recover pretty well and managed two decent long sessions on weds and fri and a 2hr run yesterday rounding the week off on 80 miles. However I must say I have been hanging out for this week to come. I haven’t had a full day off since May, so today has been a long time coming. It was Sod’s law that I woke up too early when I was wanting to have a bit of a sleep in and have spent most of the morning trying to access my work emails with no success as my computer has decided it doesn’t know who I am!!! (password fail). Seriously contemplating kicking the thing out the window and going to a coffee shop to read a book and eat cake!

Last week I posted a question on the Ultra Running Community Facebook page asking when most people taper for a 100k race, as I am still pretty new to this ultra malarky and wanted to find out what most people do. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised with the response I received, it seems that most people treat it like a marathon taper or actually taper even less. However, it really does depend on how frequently you run and how much per week. The general consensus is to keep the frequency and intensity but just reduce the volume you are running, anything from 3/2 weeks out from the event. From past experiences, I don’t like tapering too much as I feel like I am detraining and just feel very sluggish but I still want to get my running legs back. Its a tough one to get right and I am sure mine could still do with some tinkering but generally I like to have a short but relatively sharp taper. Monday is always a rest and then tues something a bit quicker, depending on when or if I travel then that has an impact on when I can get out and run but I generally have a couple of rest days and then run once a day with some strides. I always use to have a complete rest the day before an event but now I like to have a short run just to shake the legs out. I also dont like to over stuff myself with food the day before as I feel pretty rough. The three days before are when I tend to focus more on quality carbs in and plenty of fluids. Of course sleep is mega important as I know I wont sleep the night before an event especially this one as we have to leave for the start at 3am!

Anyway the good news is IT have taken over my computer and sorted my password issues….although the bad news is I have no excuse not to work now!!


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