Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1

After my successful run out at the Bath Trail Marathon a few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to find another catered long run to round of my last big week before Ultravasen and I wasn’t disappointed with the Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50k.
Apart from the vile weather (rain, wind, sun…in that order) the race turned out to be ideal prep for Sweden. I had done this race years ago and was amazed yesterday by how much the event had grown. Thousands of runners had turned out to run either the 5k,10k, half marathon, 30k, marathon or 50k. The course is predominantly on trails with some tarmac in the last 5k which involved meandering through the centre of Salisbury trying not to hit shoppers and cars!
The idea was to run at a HR that I thought would be target Ultravasen pace and to also practice my race nutrition. As usual I had no idea what pace that would equate to or my finish time so I was pleasantly surprised to finish comfortably in 3.43 and a little over 50k (51k) all within my HR range. I could have done with wearing trail shoes for the first half as I was slipping and sliding on the sticky trails due to the heavy rain but I was grateful for the cushioning in the second half on the harder, rocky paths. I fuelled solely on gels and water in the end. I had made my protein/energy balls and given them to Martin to hand me at the half way point but I have to admit I really didn’t want them when I saw him. I also used S Caps to replace my salts which I have recently discovered and so far they have worked a treat. All in all it was a good final long run to try out last minute nutrition, kit and pacing strategies for 2 weeks time and a real confidence boost. All I need to do now is stay injury free and healthy…..
Another highlight of the day was catching up with the famous Steve Way who also had a cracking run just 2 weeks after the CWG marathon (although he did admit his legs were trashed) and talking tactics over a hog roast sarnie.

Things I have learnt:

* I have totally nailed my post race nutrition…..yup its still a pie and a pint
* Accel Gels work and homemade protein balls don’t (back to the pork pies)
* S Tabs work but only if you keep them in a bag in your pocket. If you put them in your pocket when it is raining = salty bum
* DS Racers will be my race shoe in Sweden but I need to get new sausage laces as mine came undone 3 times yesterday.
* I am still shit at navigating (few errors again yesterday)
* I need to cover myself in tape or I get really bad chaffing when it is wet (rubbed belly button???)
* Toe nails are over rated (lost my big toe nail again)
* Control the controllable. If the weather is crap on race day….deal with it!


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