My Name is Holly Rush and I am a Nut Butter Addict

This week has thrown in some ups and downs. I guess I shouldnt have been surprised that my monday morning run was a bit like a death march…….I mean, I had run 40+ miles over the weekend fuelled mainly by boiled chicken breasts and peanuts. I was struggling to stay ahead of the holiday boats bobbling along the Kennet and Avon canal……may be I was invincible after all??

The next day I decided to crack on with the session I had planned anyway and see where it took me. After a 15 min warm up and a few strides I pushed on to complete 5 x 5 mins hard with 2 min jog on recoveries. I tend to do all my speedier stuff on the canal towpath, as its flat and I can just run out and back with no worries about traffic (apart from the odd over friendly hound or crazy cyclist). The efforts went ok and I felt that I was able to generate some speed, but it wasn’t until I started the proceeding 10 miles steady (meant to be 6.20 miling) that I realised I was carrying a fair bit of residual fatigue. I completed the run but only averaging 6.35s and that felt like a long old slog. The rest of the day I just felt pole axed so on the advice from the running guru I took wed and thurs as easy days (one hour runs and a swim). This has seemed to do the trick. Yesterday was a good progressive 21k on the canal again and tomorrow I will chuck in another 3hr plus run to round off the week.
I am hoping I will feel less jaded next week and can get two good sessions in and may be a marathon or longer at the weekend. Only 5 weeks to go so its an important phase of the training and crucial that I don’t get get sick or pick up an injury.

So here are the good things that happened this week:

1. I am now officially an Asics Ambassador. Really pleased and excited to be offered such an opportunity to fly the flag for Asics and endorse their products. So far I am loving the DS Racer for my faster sessions, the Super J33s for all my other miles and the Fujielites for off roading! I will report more on their products later in my blogs.
2. After a 3 week hiatus I am back in the pool. I try and do one swim a week but lately due to being away and other lame excuses I have managed to dodge the lanes. But I am back…..
3. Le Tour has finally got to the mountains!

The not so good things this week:

1. Humidity and lightening have kept me awake for the last 3 nights and as a result I am pretty pooped. No sleep=grumpy Holly
2. I have nearly finished my 1kg tub of Almond Butter. This means 2 things….firstly I will have to fork out £13 for another tub and secondly I can now admit to being a nut butter addict (I wonder if there are self help groups??)
3. The hound has picked up a poorly paw…..this means scaling down his daily mileage. This equals grumpy dog and more faffing around for me as I have to walk him instead of running with him.


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