So this week started a little slowly, mainly due to my quads feeling like boulders. I had fooled myself into thinking I was alright but I should have known better…..muscle soreness tends to be worse two days post event and oh boy where my quads not happy with me. Apart from that I was pretty pleased with how my body was feeling considering I hadn’t ran over 7hrs previous to La Montagn and there had been 5,000m vert gain within 60 kms. By thursday I was able to navigate the stairs without wincing and my running legs were returning to their old self so I was pleased to be doing a descent session on saturday one week post event. Don’t get me wrong Im not going to be breaking any land speed records and I wasn’t fast enough to stand on a terrified squirrels like last week (Dont ask…..) but I polished off 2 x 60 min runs at a good click and today rounded off another 100+ week with an easy 3hr run on the trails.

With only 7 weeks until Ultravassen 90k I think training is going pretty well and I am where I want to be right now but you can never be too complacent. Its always a fine line between training hard and fitting in all the sessions/miles and not getting injured or ill. Even with all the years of training behind me I still struggle to know when is the right time to back off and when to push on…..sometimes you realise when its too late. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. So, I am trying to simplify as many things in my life, get more sleep and make sure my nutrition is spot on. As my husband always tells me “control the controllable”. Obviously I cant change the fact that I work full time but I can control what I put in my mouth and what I fill the rest of my time with. I try and include a couple of cross training sessions in per week (swim and spin class) and I do a very simple core circuit every evening in front of the TV. These are all things I wish I had started doing years ago instead of worrying about weekly mileage (all on tarmac) as I may have spent less time injured and more time running……after all consistency is the key to progression.

So this week I shall mainly be eating lots of colourful fruit and veggies, running long, running fast (well in my eyes) and getting some good kips.


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